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In 2023 l invented the Universal Multipad Mounting Bracket because l was tired of the same old brackets on the market. So l set out to create a new bracket that was number one, universal and number two, quick and easy to remove. I was tired of balancing the module while trying to put it on the stand and almost dropping it. Plus you couldn't remove it and set it flat on a table or in a case.  So l came up with this patent pending bracket. It is made out of aircraft aluminum and made in the USA. If you want a better way to mount your modules then this is your answer. 

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A new way to mount your multipads. This new universal bracket will allow you to quickly remove your module from any stand simply by sliding it on and off in seconds.  Do you need to remove your module and set it flat on a table? Well now you can with this new patent pending bracket. And the best part is that annoying tube no longer gets in the way. Plus, you can now put your module in a case of your choosing without the tube protruding out and it will fit in different cases. Are you on a busy sound stage and need to change out multiple modules during different shows? Now you can do that in seconds. This bracket will save you time, and it is made in the USA out of heavy-duty aircraft aluminum. Get yours today.

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